The Surge of Happiness: Forgive Yourself

If you have done something terrible, regretful, or unforgiving in the past to where it continues to haunt you for so long, it is time to be free from that guilty state of mind. It is time to forgive yourself.

You must forgive yourself even when others do not want to forgive you.

We cannot continue to break, devalue, and neglect ourselves because of our actions. We are human. We are not gods. We have made mistakes. We have said and done things that we probably meant but did not know what the consequences may of have been afterwards.

Forgiveness is never easy but if we take the small necessary steps of becoming better and confident individuals we can forgive ourselves. I must warn you that you might still have people who just refuse to forgive you but don’t let that discourage you from living your life.

Surge of Happiness: Get Silly!

“Why so serious?”

The Joker – Heath Ledger

Seriously, why must we be sooo serious? We’re adults, we have problems here and there, and we know the world is not heavenly perfect! If we already know this, why we continue to act so negative?

Who loves misery? I don’t and that is why I try my best to find the funny side of things even when I have to very sarcastic or silly. For example, look at the characters from the tv sitcom Friends, Chandler, the king of sarcasm and Joey, the goofball. Both of them always find the humor of things even when things go bad. I try my best to do the same everyday as if I was living in my own sitcom show. Perhaps this might work for you!

|Announcement|Happy 100 Followers!

Dear Followers,

I am happy to announce that The Quinn Odyssey has reached over 100 followers and words cannot express how happy and excited I am about this wonderful accomplishment.

To my followers, I want to say thank you so much for your attention, support, and commitment as I continue to write and post these inspiring posts everyday. Just to assure you, I have noticed very loyal followers who have been liking and commenting on almost every post I’ve published.

About the future plans for Quinn Odyssey, I will be posting more motivational quotes and they will have different monthly themes. For example, Hocus-Focus: Enchanting Ways to Focus on Your Goals and Yourself, will get you into the Halloween spirit as you work on accomplishing your dreams.

I do have another blog that focuses more on my fictional writing (if you’re into that). It is called Quinn’s Tales. I write mostly mystery, fantasy, and sci-fi. I am currently working on my short scary story, ‘The Victorian Dress’.

If you’re new to this blog, I want to say welcome and it is not too late to join the never-ending odyssey of life.

If you have any questions, comments, or perhaps need advice, I will be happy to read or help out!

Thank you for your support,

Zoelle L. Quinn

The Surge of Happiness: Go Outdoors

Have you ever read ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett? It is one of my favorite novels. The story is about a neglected and malnourished little girl named Mary Lennox who had to move into her Uncle’s grand mansion that included a huge garden (and secret garden). Everyday she would play and plant in the garden to where she was looking and feeling healthier mentally and physically.

Regardless if we enjoy being inside or quarantine, we need the sun, the green life, and the breeze to heal externally and internally.

The Surge of Happiness: Be Alone

As an only child, I need to be alone more than being with my friends and family to recover because people have different personalities that can be too much sometimes. I’m an ambivert, which means I am an extrovert and then an introvert. For instance, I can be with people for a certain amount of time until my social battery starts to die and I just want to be alone or go home.

Being alone helps recover who you are. It can help you think more clearly without any distractions from others.

You need yourself as much as you need others.

The Surge of Happiness: Be A Better Friend

Being an only child and raised by a single parent, I realized how much I need true friendship because my parent will not always be there for me.

In the midst of going through the majority of temporary friendships, I have a best friend that I can really depend on because unlike the others, she was there through the good and the bad and never made myself feel insecure in anyway. Therefore, I should show my appreciation more each chance I get.

If you have a best friend or more, treasure them and appreciate them like family because they treat you like family.

How can we be a better friend? Check on them once a week, hangout, or have random fun traditions if you’re into it. Do stuff that you and your friend will love and appreciate.

Remember, quality of friends are better than quantity.